Our new site arrives...

Posted by Default Admin on 31 December 2014 | Comments


Well, it's about time I hear you cry. Well, ok maybe not. We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new site...if you're reading this then you're already here.
Here's a little explanation from the design agency who created the site:

"It was a genuine surprise to me that the people at ColorCo love what they do, they are passionate about the craft of laying down colour onto beautifully textured stock in such a way that it creates something beautiful. So we aimed to produce something beautiful to reflect their passion. In a world where things are becoming less and less touchy feely (online) we wanted to bring alive the work which ColorCo do with inks, textures and colours and dramatise it online. So we used visual clues which you would ordinarily expect on printed material like colour bars, crop marks and paper textures and applied them to the website. This makes the site very unusual and brings some of the emotion of holding something tangible into an online environment".

Matt Connors-Jones - Art Director -